Paul Terry
Paul TerryOwner and Operations Manager

Paul is the founder and owner of PTS. Starting off as a way to earn a few extra dollars on the weekend, he grew from a one-man show to a full-service landscaping company with about 10 employees. He’s a stickler for quality and personalized care, and he leads his teams with an unwavering commitment to integrity, kindness and creative, cost-effective solutions.

Paul’s life before PTS included 20 years as a production painter and bodywork pro, and prior to THAT he worked on four different IndyCar teams, in various roles. His weekend time is spent rooting on the Packers, loafing around in Door County and scanning for his next artistic endeavor.

Colleen Terry
Colleen TerryCustomer Service & Sales Manager
Born and raised in Brookfield, Colleen earned a BA in Philosophy from UWM. After spending years searching for the meaning of life, she found her happy place as Mrs. Paul Terry and in her role as caretaker to over 900 PTS customers. She’s the gal who answers the phone, sends you the invoice and makes sure everything in-between flows smoothly.

Her spare time is spent lollygagging with her four-legged office assistants and enjoying an active role in discipleship and prayer ministry.

Steve Hernigle
Steve HernigleMowing and Snow Plow Engineer
The newest member of the PTS family of employees, Steve is a seasoned professional at all aspects of landscaping and snow removal. He brings a sense of excellence to everything he does. He is fearless, motivated and trustworthy – a wicked good combination. We scored a 5-star employee when we met Steve, and we know you’ll love him too.
Dylan Pena
Dylan PenaLandscaping Head Honcho
With Dylan at the helm of our landscaping crew, we don’t worry about a thing. Professional, uber-reliable and a master at communication, he is the epitome of a servant leader. He brings a calm strength to our company culture and ninja landscaping skills. He learned everything he knows about lawn care from his father, and we couldn’t be prouder to have him as the captain of the landscaping ship.
Brandyn Wright
Brandyn WrightLandscape Engineer
Brandyn Wright is a PTS jack-of-all-traders, master of EVERYTHING. No job is too difficult, no terrain too rough, no customer too hard-to-please. Brandyn is one of the most dependable people around, and if he’s working on your property you can rest assured he will stay until it’s finished. Not an easy task for any landscaper. We count ourselves BLESSED to have him part of the PTS family of employees.
Tom Schwing
Tom SchwingMowing Technician
You’ve GOT to get to know Tom. That is, if you can catch up with him! He is super-fast, super-efficient and an all around super guy. We are absolutely thrilled to have him on our mowing crew, and not a day goes by that a customer doesn’t call just to mention how much they love Tom. He’s a salt-of-the-earth kind of guy who actually CARES about the grass that he cuts.
Oliver J.
Oliver J.PTS Office Assistant and Thing #1
Oliver is the official PTS Mascot and Office Assistant #1. He spends most of his time by the water cooler, but he is quick to pick up a food spill and LOUDLY alert anyone within earshot about any approaching mailman.
Carmen Rose
Carmen RosePTS Office Assistant and Thing #2
Cute as a button, Carmen has been on an employee probation for the past 11 years. Each annual review, she gets a ZERO for productivity but mom just can’t seem to fire her. Carmen’s happy to spend her work day napping in the office and “living for lunch”.