Did you know that PTS can help with your new or existing pond bio-filtration system?

Your property’s natural or man-made pond requires specific seed application in order to ensure that your water remains attractive to you and the pond’s inhabitants.  Our plant seeds are locally sourced and the blends are
designed to insure success for your designated site conditions.

Look to PTS to create the perfect seeding for your pond, detention basin, prairie restoration or to create a beautiful wildflower establishment.

Our detention pond mix is tailored to suit needs for runoff detention basins. The mix contains species designed to tolerate fluctuating water levels along with poor water quality. Chosen species will do well in damp soils, but can also tolerate dry spells in the summer months when normal rainfall conditions do not occur. This mix will also attract birds and butterflies during its blooming periods, summer through fall and provide birds with a food source during the fall and winter months.


An average 4,000 square foot basin is approximately $1395, which includes all labor and material to seed your runoff detention pond.  Here’s what you can expect to grow during blooming months:

20% Wildflowers
New England Aster          Aster novae-angliae
Wild Bergamot                  Monarda fistulosa
Swamp Milkweed            Asclepias incarnata
Yellow Coneflower          Ratibida pinnata
False Sunflower Helianthus helianthoides
Black-eyed Susan             Rudbeckia hirta
Blue Vervain                      Verbena hastata
Dense Blazingstar             Liatris spicata
Beardtongue, Foxglove (P)           Penstemon digitalis
Sweet Blackeyed Susan Rudbeckia subtomentosa
Cup Plant                             Silphium perfoliatum
Ironweed, Common       Vernonia fasciculata
Compass Plant                   Silphium laciniatum
Nodding Onion                  Allium cernuum
Coneflower, Branched   Rudbeckia triloba
Golden Alexander           Zizia aurea
Stiff Goldenrod                 Solidago rigida
Sneezeweed                      Helenium autumnale

Call today for a quote!  For accurate pricing, please provide approximate square footage of pond area to be seeded.  Land clearing service may be required prior to seeding.  $149/hour.  Call 414-305-9562 to schedule service.