Meet Gerald


(close-up of Gerald)

Our PTS Mechanical Specialist, Gerald is an expert on all things mechanical.  He has been our crown jewel since day one.  He maintains our machinery, cleans our equipment and teaches us how to put safety first, every time.  He has a knack for figuring out how things are connected, wired and working effectively.

PTS is now sharing our talent wealth by offering our customers an affordable, convenient way to address all their small  jobs around the house.  For only $39/hour, Gerald will come to your rescue and help out with anything from repairing your mower to fixing a small appliance.  We’re confident he can save you money and lots of headaches during your time of need.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Call or text PTS at (414) 305-9562 or click HERE submit an online request for an estimate.
  2. You will then be direct to our online payment page to submit payment for $19.99 + tax HERE.
  3. Gerald will drop by, review the scope of work and offer an estimate for the price for your repair work.  If you accept this price, we’ll put you on our schedule and we’ll deduct the $19.99 from your final bill.

It’s that easy, that convenient!

Contact us today to let us know how Gerald can help you out with the following handyman needs:

  • Auto maintenance (brake pads, oils changes, etc.)
  • Light carpentry
  • Light plumbing repairs
  • Lighting issues
  • General mechanical maintenance
  • Appliance cleaning & repair

(Photo of Gerald fixing mowers)